We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Brian knew what he was talking about. He helped my brother and I plan our frist funeral and was very helpful. If I had any questions, he was easy to get ahold of . Very Nice guy

Carmelita Emanuel April 21, 2022

My wife was beautiful! They did a fanstastic job with her hair and makeup! The video was very professional. Ran like clockwork - Everything was great!

from Sioux City, Iowa March 18, 2022

Especially pleased with the care with Dad's appearance. He looked so peaceful. The compassion and support of your staff was truly appreciated.

Debra McNaughton September 01, 2017

Dana's experience and sensitivity were extremely helpful in planning. We greatly appreciated the outstanding service we received. Coming from out of town during Covid made extra challenges but Dana, Jessica, Melissa, Angie, and Connie were all fantastic!

R. T. - Lincoln, Nebraska March 31, 2021

Angie at the front desk and Brian were very kind and added a personal touch.

Y.P. - Lawton April 30, 2021

Jessica Bennett was very helpful and professional. Connie Doscher was also very helpful when I had other issues by getting me to the right people. The staff was compassionate, patient with me, and helpfully answered any questions I had.

P. J. - Dakota Dunes October 29, 2021

The funeral home on Outer Drive North is a very homey atmosphere which makes everything comfortable - very clean and well kept up. I was very happy to be able to dress my husband in his bibs, which everyone always knew him from the way he dressed. It was nice to remember him as I did throughout our married years. Dan and Connie were very caring and patient with me and my family.

Sharlene (Charley) Julch - Sioux City February 07, 2020

Amazingly Awesome! Dana and staff were amazing in all they did for us - made a difficult time comforting.

S.F. - Sergeant Bluff June 16, 2021

We chose this funeral home because of their excellent reputation and the wonderful service we have received in the past. We would definitely choose again because of the price of services we received, the location and the care we received from the staff before, during, and after.

F. J. October 07, 2020

Our neighbor passed away. She had no family. She had made prearrangements twelve years prior. Two people attended the funeral. Your staff was very helpful and helped us give her a beautiful farewell. Thank you!

L. W. February 10, 2022

The minister they provided was excellent.

M. M. - Sioux Falls, SD January 27, 2022

Brian Fritz is a caring and helpful guy.

B. G. - Sioux City January 27, 2022

What was the most memorable thing about your experience? "How my husband looked – was more than I expected.

B.N. - Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

Everyone at Christy-Smith very caring and willing to help in any way. Brian made a sad experience very easily acceptable.

Myron Kuester - Bronson, Iowa December 14, 2021

Our experience was very good, professional, and we appreciate Dan - must be a hard job and he does it very well.

J. D - Sioux City, Iowa November 22, 2021

Dana Goodell and his staff people gave exemplary care and service - an overall great service all around.

M.M. - Hinton, Iowa October 29, 2021

Everyone was so kind- very helpful. I picked Christy I helped Father Larkin before he died. When my husband died, I made the choice.

L.T. - Sioux City October 27, 2021

I have already talked to them for prearrangement for myself. They were great help to me. [this was] fist immediate family member death and they were very helpful with everything. [We chose this funeral home because] our loved one had info for them and when I called they were fantastic!

D. H - Lawton, Iowa October 14, 2021

Our father's passing, although not unexpected, occurred quite suddenly. Our mother's service was provided by Christy-Smith in 2007. Christy-Smith able to support our unexpected immediate need. Responded within the hour for pickup & arrangements were at the earliest the following day. All questioned were answered and our circumstance was accommodated without delay. The staff was very helpful, considerate & provided suggestions on how to proceed.

S. G. - California August 24, 2021

We appreciated the exemplary care we received from Brian Fritz. Our family was so thankful for how the staff took care of the arrangements for our mother.

K. R. - Minnesota August 18, 2021

We were very pleased throughout the entire ordeal. Everyone was very nice, quiet, and respectful. They took over completely and never bothered us with anything.

F.D. - Alton, Iowa July 28, 2021

The Christy-Smith staff was superb - professional, friendly, courteous, and very flexible and quick to accommodate questions and revisions! Fantastic support; well done!

S. L - Texas July 07, 2021

Brian did an outstanding job as well as the hair dresser! Her hair had not been done in over a year and it looked good! It seemed like whether they knew us personally or not, they really cared about our family. The drivers deserve a shout-out as well!

D.L. - Sioux City, Iowa June 16, 2021

I want to thank Dana so much for helping me through the steps leading up to and beyond my sister's service. It is very much appreciated.

B.C - Omaha June 15, 2021

Brian Fritz was extremely accommodating. He secured my fther's military record so that we could have a flag ceremony.

D. L - Pender, NE May 26, 2021

Kelly was kind and helpful.

T. L - Sioux City April 30, 2021

Brian was very kind and willing to help in any way possible - very accommodating.

William Quinn ~ Sioux City, Iowa March 31, 2021

Brian was very sensitive to our needs and eager to answer any questions we had [as well as] open to our suggestions for creativity with [the] service leaflet. We were easily walked through the whole process from planning to burial. Brian gave us exemplary care [and] is well suited for his position. His operation was professional and efficient

Pamela Fulton - Sioux City, Iowa March 09, 2021

The staff was really kind and helpful. We appreciated the service and respect from all. I would recommend this funeral home to others.

S. B. - Dakota Dunes, South Dakota March 09, 2021

This funeral home was one we have selected before and will select again for my services when the time arrives. The staff really provided a great service which made it comfortable to all family and others.

G. P. - Sioux City October 26, 2020

Jessica Bennett was very kind and helpful.

O. P. - Sioux City October 22, 2020

Thank you so much for everything! Our loved one looked great! We appreciated the amazing and realistic job done in preparing our loved one for viewing.

L. P. October 07, 2020

[Services] were perfect. Everyone was very very nice.

Mary Kay Thompson August 20, 2020

I felt they provided us with the best funeral we could have had for my mother during this pandemic. They were respectful and courteous.

Karen Nissen - Elk Point, South Dakota July 24, 2020

Dan was very helpful. He went out of his way to find a minister over the holiday weekend and he even personally came to my home when he couldn't reach me by phone.

Carolyn Stultz - Sioux City June 25, 2020

Our mother looked very beautiful. She looked at peace smiling. Everyone did a wonderful job. We were very please with the staff. They were very helpful and made us feel very at peace to make everything just right for our mother. Thank you so much!

D.C. - Sioux City April 30, 2020

The services and the staff were outstanding. Outstanding service provided in that they met our every need. The staff was kind, compassionate, and had professional expertise.

K.L. - North Sioux City, SD

They were very professional and compassionate.

A. T. - Nebraska April 07, 2020

Jessica and Staff were very helpful. They let us customize everything to our liking and were very easy to work with. Jessica did a great job.

Don Perera Family April 07, 2020

The people that work there are very very firendly and helped us much. I thank you all.

J. S. - Sioux City February 18, 2020

We were very happy and pleased with everything. Dan Eckhoff was awesome. He kept us informed of where our loved one was all through the drama that was created. Great Job!

P. M. - Sioux City February 07, 2020

Brian was very helpful and kind as he worked with emotional family. Dana was very detailed & communicated with family

D.O. October 29, 2019

Kindness of staff- willingness to help in any way.

G.F. December 27, 2019

Every item was provided or offered and handled with utmost expediency. All aspects were taken care of for us and made everything so much easier for us. Dana was a godsend. He made our lives during this time as easy as just getting dressed and attending the service.

D. J. J. - Sioux City November 14, 2019

At the hardest time in my life, they made things very easy. My wife and I live in Phoenix and she wanted to be buried back home (Iowa). Christy-Smith handled all arrangements with the funeral home in Phoenix. Their compassion and patience were outstanding. Nothing they need to improve on.

Bill Dalke - Phoenix, AZ October 22, 2019

All was done with respect and kindness.

Donald Olsen - Sioux City, Iowa October 01, 2019

Trying to coordinate a service and burial in two different states, Brian Fritz made it much easier for me. He did an exceptional job coordinating the service and honoring my wishes. I greatly appreciate their ability, helpfulness, and flexibility in making this difficult process easier, even though it wasn't their normal type service.

H. Y. - Minnesota October 01, 2019

Dana was exceptional in his attention to our needs.

J.T - Sioux City August 26, 2019

Would absolutely recommend this funeral home to anyone. Dan and his staff are caring and fantastic to work with. They made such a difficult time so easy on my family made us feel like we were the only ones in their care, even though I know they were very busy.

D. M.

I was so thankful my mother's funeral was prearranged. The staff at Christy-Smith were so helpful during that difficult time. If I lived in the area I would most definitely contact them to help me again.

E. P. - Spencer, Iowa February 20, 2019

Dan and his staff are phenomenal. Over the years I have dealt with with funeral homes due to the passing of other family members in another town- Christy-Smith Morningside Chapel went above and beyond, met all our needs and more - exceeded our expectations.

B. W. - Hawarden, IA November 30, 2018

Mr. Eckhoff and support staff outstanding service. They exceeded all expectations and made accommodations. Everything was pristine, clean, seamless, reverent. Mr. Eckhoff's attention to details- always prepared- kept me calm and going above and beyond. Thank you! So grateful! Mr. Eckhoff, Mrs. Eckhoff, the staff were all incredibly supportive, creative, kind, understanding, and knowledgeable.

Andrea Kjos October 30, 2018

The staff us very kind and caring while attending to our needs and taking care of our loved one who passed. Everything was great - especially helpful after the service by answering questions and helping with insurance issues.

S. W - Sioux City, Iowa September 28, 2018

Dan was over the top accommodating on everything we wanted.

K.B. - Sioux City August 27, 2018

Extremely professional staff - owner made several personal visits beyond my expectations. In my opinion this is the most professional funeral home in Sioux City area. Appreciated the empathy of director and staff. All necessary business was conducted with sincerity.

Bruce Kelly - Dakota Dunes, SD August 27, 2018

Brian Fritz was very helpful

L. H. - Sioux City August 27, 2018

I was more than pleased with the way everything was handled. From the moment I talked with the funeral director the night of my husband's passing, I was treated with compassion, caring, understanding by everyone - Great staff! The are amazing. They make a tough situation better. Dan and Kelly Eckhoff are the greatest!

Brenda Olsen - Kingsley, Iowa May 21, 2018

I usually do not participate in surveys but Christy-Smith did a great job for us. My son and daughter and myself were very please in the way everything was handled.

S. L. - South Sioux City, NE May 10, 2018

Dana and Nathan were very helpful. Everyone was pleasant and professional.

Jeannie Kiley - Springfield, MO May 10, 2018

Funeral director was so nice and helpful.

G. H. - Sioux City, Iowa May 08, 2018

I am happy with the way everything turned out. I was just the way my mom would have wanted it to be. Nathan was very helpful to our family. He was always available to answer my questions. I really appreciated everything he did.

LeAnn Kuester May 01, 2018

Want to thank [Christy-Smith] so much. It was a very stressful time but the staff was so helpful in answering any and all questions. They were very patient even going over it again when asked. [They] all made me feel it was going to be ok. I was very uninformed - they made it easy to understand.

J.M. - Sioux City April 18, 2018

[The most memorable thing about my experience was] how caring the people were and the military honors.

S. W. - Sioux City, IA April 02, 2018

Brian - Top notch guy!

W.R. - Sioux City, Iowa March 23, 2018

Staff was not only courteous but very professional. [Our loved one] was picked up from our home- the staff was sensitive to our concerns and questions. The DVD/CD they created was EXCELLENT! All staff were wonderful.

J. B. March 23, 2018

Staff was genuine and sincere, very helpful and gave it a personal feeling.

T.R. - Sioux City March 23, 2018

Brian Fritz was excellent and well prepared.

N.H. - Sioux City February 20, 2018

[The most memorable thing about my experience was] the feeling of comfort while making the arrangements.

L.B. - SIoux City, Iowa January 09, 2018

My family has used Christy's for as long as I can remember. I never even contacted another facility. I think the funeral went smoothly. Brian Fritz was very helpful. Frank Ostrihonsky is a long time friend.

J. B - Sioux City, Iowa December 21, 2017

"The most memorable things about our family's experience were the service we received and the staff."

H.D. - Sioux City, IA

Personal, yet professional. Staff providing exemplary care were Nathan and Dana. Melissa was great help with proofing documents.

Beth Heck October 02, 2017

Brian Fritz could not have been more helpful or nice - Very Satified! Mr. Fritz has a special personality for that kind of job. He was so helpful and [had]so much patience - made everyone feel at ease.

A.A. - Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

The care that Dan and staff gave was outstanding - from the poem insert to the programs to the urns bought for the grandchildren and necklaces - everything desired was answered; Wishes were followed to a T . I was on crutches and the care they showed was tremendous. Also received several notes to see if things were going well.

Reynolds Family - Sioux City, Iowa

My mothers had pre-planned her funeral and everything was honored as planned. Pre-planning made the process much easier on our whole family.

M.M. - SIoux City, Iowa

"Our family was very satisfied"

J. S. - South Sioux City, SD

"Brian was great to work with. Exemplary Care- Their willingness to work with you and try to help you - Brian was awesome

Gordon Korinke - Sioux City, IA

"Funeral director, Allison, was exceptional, detail-oriented, concise, totally professional."

F. A. - Minnesota

"Having worked luncheons at church I [feel] I have become your friend. We were impressed with Allison's ability and efficiency and sensitivity to our preferences."

P. T. - California

I cannot tell how great the staff was to accommodate our requests. They went over and above!! Willing to arrange, work with, everything! The personal care for the family - they made us feel at home, did additional printing and anything asked. Dan was especially helpful - he worked closely with Brian on several things, but everyone was great to deal with.

K.R - Sioux City, Iowa

Brian was very helpful and supportive - loved working with him.

K.M. - Windsor, CO

Cremation was new to our family. We have always used Christy-Smith Funeral Homes. I need to thank them for the "one stop shop" at the Resource Center to see the urns, the keepsakes, the necklaces, the granite markers... everything we needed.

D.K. - Sioux City, Iowa

I had no idea we could celebrate my father's life with a beautiful memorial service if we chose cremation. What we received from Christy-Smith Larkin Chapel was a wonderful way to remember our father with a Memorial Service and still honor his wishes of being cremated. Our whole family was appreciative of having the closure.

R.R. - North Sioux City, South Dakota

It was a very hard time, very unexpected – It was handled very well and appreciated this – Would recommend to anyone else needing this service.

T.A. - Sioux City, Iowa

Very satified with the time given for viewing before cremation

K.N. March 10, 2022

My parents and grandmother (55 years ago) were laid to rest by Harry Christy. The tradition of caring is still there today - 100 years strong! My family felt very comfortable and well treated by Brian - he was very nice, considerate, and helpful in every area of my husband's service. The 2 ladies we met at the desk were equally as helpful. Blessings to all of you!

E.H. - Sioux City October 29, 2021

Dan was very thorough and helpful With all the detail in coordinating plans with a funeral home out of state Everything was seemlessly taken care of and the process was so much easier on our family. Dan, Kelly, and Angie were all very kind and helpful

S.C - Sergeant Bluff, Iowa July 28, 2021

Our mother looked very beautiful. She looked at peace smiling. Everyone did a wonderful job. We were very please with the staff. They were very helpful and made us feel very at peace to make everything just right for our mother. Thank you so much!

D.C. - Sioux City April 30, 2020

The preparation and appearance of my husband was wonderful. Better than I could have imagined. My husband donated his corneas and skin. It was a surprise when I found out how many miles he would travel. I was a little hesitant and I think Dana knew. He started again explaining every detail and told me they would call when they had Jim back. Dana explained why Jim had plastic wraps under his shirt. All questions were answered. At the funeral, because we were at our own church, I was picking up and putting up items and Dana very kindly touched my shoulders and in so many ways said "You don't need to do this today." The evening before our daughter fell down the basement steps and her leg was badly hurt. The day of the funeral she was on crutches plus she had a concussion. Dana helped to see she was taken care of and comfortable. The staff at the funeral home were equally kind and helpful before and after the services.

Emily Frady November 30, 2017

I was extremely happy that every detail was covered in our initial meeting and other than dropping off pictures, I did not have to make additional trips. I can't say it enough - my kids and I were so relieved that we felt ZERO pressure to do anything or buy anything we didn't want. Brian Fritz was extremely compassionate and, again, I really appreciated the fact that he did not pressure us into anything we didn't want.

Kris Savary - Sergeant Bluff, IA October 29, 2021

[the most memorable thing about my experience was] how great mom looked. Wonderful final memory of her. Thank you!

M.T - Mattoon, IL

Melissa McKenna made me feel very at ease after having issues getting pictures to her. She worked with me after hours on a Friday to make sure all the pictures were received.

T. L. - Salix March 31, 2021

I have never felt so calm doing anything. The care and help we received was great! Great service from all the staff. Jessica and Kelly are wonderful people.

Family of Mary Chesley January 27, 2022

Jessica did a great job at explaining everything. My mom had pre-paid for her funeral which also made everything easier.

Michon Wiederin - Sergeant Bluff, Iowa January 27, 2022

We were very satisfied with all Christy-Smith did to help us through this and everything was laid out in easy terms, Thank you!

V. A. - Sioux City February 10, 2022

You were very helpful and caring. I would recommend you to anyone.

L. K. January 24, 2022

Brian, the funeral director, helped keep me stable and strong to do what I needed to get Terry, my husband, home. Terry passed in Chicago.

Pat J. "Sam" Hersom - Sioux City December 14, 2021

Team was very helpful in getting me through a very trying time.

Larry Tate, Sr. - Sioux City, Iowa December 07, 2021

Brian did a good job.

K. N. - Sioux City, Iowa November 22, 2021

Very satisfied and appreciated the personal attention and guidance at a stressful time.

R.K. - Lawton October 27, 2021

Brian was very kind and helpful. Appreciate all the help with the pictures from your staff.

J. B - Sioux City, Iowa October 27, 2021

Dan and Staff were wonderful to work with - always had an answer to questions and when the unexpected happened, they were ready with a solution- comfort in knowing they were handling everything. Their calm and confident manner was very helpful.

J. L. - Sioux City, Iowa October 14, 2021

It was a beautiful day. Everyone was very helpful

S. M. - South Sioux City, Nebraska August 18, 2021

Brian was very caring, thoughtful, helpful, understanding, and sympathetic.

Mel Southwell - Sioux City, Iowa August 18, 2021

Dana Goodell was very informative and congenial. He took the time to tell me what I needed to hear and know.

M. L. - Sioux City, Iowa

Everything went well.

F. T. - Sioux City, Iowas June 16, 2021

Everyone was very kind - all my questions were answered and the atmosphere in the office area was very peaceful. Kelly gave me good advice and it lifted a weight off my shoulders and gave me peace of mind. I am very thankful for that. I actually chose Christy-Smith before my husband was ill. In 2020 I ordered a ring and the company sent the wrong ring twice. I was impressed with how Christy-Smith handled the situation.

Bernie Popevis - Sioux City, Iowa June 16, 2021

Everything went perfectly. Everyone in our family (7 siblings) was pleased with how well the whole experience worked out. Brian Fritz and Melissa McKenna were excellent in every way. They were particularly easy to work with at this stressful time.

John Beacom - North Richland Hills, TX May 26, 2021

It was prearranged and all was done by what was listed 14 years ago. Everyone was very professions.

V. S. - Sergeant Bluff, IA May 26, 2021

Brian Fritz was supportive and compassionately guided us through the decisions we had to make.

P.M. - Hinton April 30, 2021

Dan was outstanding - he made this difficult process special. We had a first class goodbye to our mother. Every detail came together so effortlessly and beautifully.

Pat Cooper ~ Eden Prairie, MN March 31, 2021

Everything was prearranged and prepaid. We only had a graveside service. All staff were very helpful.

C. K. - Ida Grove, Iowa March 09, 2021

Everything was done well and made it flow well from start to finish. Jessica did an exceptional job helping me plan my mother's Celebration Of Life - very kind and took care of details well!

R. S. - Nebraska November 19, 2020

Brian, [our] funeral director, was wonderful - very kind. [The] attention to detail was amazing.

K. T. - Sioux City October 22, 2020

Everyone did a fine job. The facility was very clean!

A. H. - Sioux City, Iowa October 07, 2020

The service was great. Such caring people- all were treated with respect and dignity. [Christy-Smith] did everything they could to ensure that we got the funeral we wanted - and we did. Wonderful service! They went out of their way to make sure we received a V.A ceremony, Masonic service, and an American Legion ceremony. Also, they were very patient with us. Brian Fritz and Angie Higgins were so very helpful and went out of their way to accommodate us.

Rebecca Robinson - Sioux CIty October 07, 2020

Everything was very nice. We misunderstood the time of our appointment (we were way early) but Dan came right in to assist us. Thanks to him for that!

Carol Bush - Sioux CIty, Iowa July 24, 2020

We choose Christy-Smith because we know they do things in excellence.They have done the services for both sets of parents, two aunts, an uncle, a nephew, and a sister. I'd say they're our first choice. Everything was wonderful. There was nothing lacking that needed improvement. We received excellent care from all the staff we were in contact with.

C. R. - Sioux City February 07, 2020

The Morningside chapel is such a peaceful place. All the flowers were arranged beautifully. Brian was very helpful and kind.

B.D. - South Sioux City, NE May 12, 2020

Brian was wonderful!

S.N. - Sergeant Bluff, IA April 07, 2020

Brian and the staff were terrific.Everything was handled with courtesy.

Kenneth Snyder April 07, 2020

Everyone was very professional and accomodating.

Beverly Cosgrove April 07, 2020

Great people! They did an awesome job

R.B. March 17, 2020

I would choose Christy-Smith Funeral Homes again if the need arose. They were very kind, professional, and I felt very comfortable working with them. Everyone involved did an excellent job. It is always a very difficult time but I could not have asked for any better service. From the time I walked in the door until I left the building, everyone was kind and caring.

Carol Hansen - Sioux City February 07, 2020

I appreciated the pre-arranged funeral plans we made years prior. Pressure is removed from the decision making in a short amount of time and simplifies decisions, making them less emotional. I appreciated the service and assistance provided by Brian Fritz, Jessica Bennett, and Melissa McKenna.

D. C. - Dakota Dunes, SD February 07, 2020

Genuine, Warm, Caring. Very Knowledgeable with knowing and explaining options. Personal touch, warm and friendly.

L.W. Le Mars, IA December 27, 2019

Brian went above and beyond for us. He was very sympathetic, caring and accommodating. By far, the best experience I have ever had at a funeral home.

T.J. December 27, 2019

Everything was wonderful at the funeral home, church, and grave site. It was all meaningful. We would like to recognize Brian. He was amazing and very easy to work with. Brian provided us with compassion and understanding every phase of the funeral process and understanding our needs.

Michael and Sherry Newman - Sioux City, IA October 22, 2019

Kelly was wonderful and so aware of my needs and very patient in explaining my options. Also Brian was very helpful as was his assistants.

Ann Trudo - Jefferson, South Dakota October 01, 2019

All the staff was professional, courteous, and punctual. We liked the selection and service. Brian, Dana, and Melissa were very good at communication by phone and email.

A. P. - Sioux City, Iowa October 01, 2019

The staff made this sad day so much better. We didn't have to worry about a thing!

J.H. - Sioux City, IA October 01, 2019

Brian was very good!

J. B. - August 13, 2019

Everyone went out of their way to serve my family.

W. D. - Sioux City July 16, 2019

The staff was amazing and so helpful and considerate. We worked with Brian and everything was handled beautifully. We would use this funeral home again because of how great the staff was.

F.K. - Nebraska February 15, 2019

Brian Fritz was exceptional. He was so professional and sensitive. He was a tremendous help and guided through the process.

N. P. - Sioux City, Iowa October 30, 2018

I was concerned because my husband has been very ill and I chose an open casket. But the funeral home did an excellent job and my husband looked very peaceful. Nathan Jenkins did a very good job at going over and explaining everything and answering all questions.

H. C - Sioux City, Iowa September 28, 2018

All aspects were perfect. Brian Fritz did a fantastic job - cannot recommend him enough. He made the whole process simple and was so accommodating - he is a wonderful man.

Tammy Carmassi - El Donado Hills, CA August 27, 2018

Friendly atmosphere, helpful - Brian and Nathan were wonderful.

D. H - Sioux City August 27, 2018

The hostess at the visitation was outstanding - Brian was also phenomenal. Very happy with the appearance of [our loved one]. We were happy with everything.

D. R - Sioux City August 27, 2018

Daniel Eckhoff was patient and very professional.

M. V. - Sioux City, IA May 21, 2018

Everything was very organized and very timely in getting things done. Christy-Smith has a very caring and thoughtful staff! Brian Fritz was very compassionate and wonderful to work with. I cannot think of anything that could have be improved.

O. F. - Sergeant Bluff, IA May 10, 2018

Very Satisfied

S.K. - Sioux City, Iowa May 10, 2018

Brian was very easy to work with and didn't pressure us.

D.M. - Sioux City, Iowa May 08, 2018

Everything went very well. Dan and staff were also very helpful with post-funeral paperwork. Mom looked at peace and pain free. Nathan did a great job. Organization was great [and they were] caring for our disabled sister.

David Postello - Sioux City May 08, 2018

[The most memorable thing about our experience was] the staff was there for us - helpful and friendly.

K. B. - Sioux City, Iowa April 23, 2018

Everything was perfect.

S. K. - Sioux City April 09, 2018

Dana was amazing! We had no pre-arrangements for our father's service. Dana explained every detail and assisted with any questions we had day and night. The entire staff was so supportive allowing us to focus on family. [They are] a professional staff - Everyone was very attentive and wiling to assist. Top notch service! Thank you, Dana! ~ Art Houchins' daughters, Pam and Kristin

Pam McNaughton - Sioux City, Iowa March 23, 2018

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

K.D - Sioux City, Iowa March 23, 2018

Very good to work with - caring and thoughtful but also very professional. Kept the service on schedule and moving along. Brian was excellent but all the staff were very professional.

Patrick and Jane Loving - Sioux City, Iowa March 23, 2018

Their caring attitude was very appreciated. There were all very nice and professional yet caring.

Terry and Shirley Weldon - Sioux City February 20, 2018

People were just so good to work with. My whole family was very pleased. Dan is great to work with - I really enjoyed working with him.

J.D. - Sac City January 15, 2018

Their attention to detail was great. [DVD] that was created was excellent. Dan Eckhoff was caring and compassionate and made everything understandable for me. I am grateful to him. 100% satisfied

Lori Ann Morehead January 03, 2018

The staff and director were absolutely the best. [The most meaningful part of my experience] was the empathy and willing to go the extra mile with all aspects of the funeral. Dan and Kelly Eckhoff, Director/Owner, went above and beyond.

M. L. - Sioux City, Iowa December 21, 2017

[The most memorable thing about my experience was] the facilities and preparation of Mom.

D. S. - SIoux City, Iowa October 01, 2017

[the most memorable thing about my experience was] the caring and kindness of all staff at Christy-Smith!!!

R. M. - North Sioux City, SD

Dan and Kelly took such special care in my dad's appearance.

D.M. - Sioux City, Iowa

The hostesses were very nice and helpful.

L. W. - Sioux City, Iowa

Brian was very patient in helping us design our father's memorial marker. It made the experience so much better. Christy-Smith is a great place to work with


"All very pleasant & helpful"

R.Y. - Nebraksa

"Allison Ingenthron - very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring."

Lori Thornton - Sioux City, IA

"Whatever we asked for we received. Dan and the funeral attendants were like family."

M. N. - Sioux City, Iowa

"I wanted to make changes as her family hadn't contacted her in years, Brian was so very helpful, relieved all my fears.... I remember as a kid one man saying to my mom 'now this is the man that will take all your money' I hated Harry Christy Funeral Home. But dealing with Brian changed my opinion.... I think Brian did an awesome job. Brian did so much for me....very caring and considerate."

Diana Wilson - Sioux City, Iowa

Allison was a true asset to your business. She was professional, kind, and straight forward - just the prefect combination for our family during a very sad and difficult time. I have no regrets on any of the decisions made with her help.

S.M. - Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

How professionally the first call was handled - The death was in a far away state; everything was handled in a timely manner without wondering what was happening.

R.B - Queen Creek, AZ

A HUGE thank you to Brian Fritz - He was knowledgeable, professional and most of all kind and compassionate as he helped us create a personal memorial marker for our mom. It was made easy with the program at the Christy-Smith Resource Center to design a final memorial for her.

C. M. - Sioux City, Iowa

Everyone hard to make sure all details were taken care of. Very nice group of people. I thank them so much.

P.G. - Sioux City, Iowa

Words cannot express our thanks to the wonderful staff at Christy-Smith. Your continued concern for us during this difficult loss will never be forgotten. All of you have your own special professionalism, making your business look like it is running smoothly! Thanks to each of you!

L.W. - South Sioux City, Nebraska