Resource Center

Our multi-use community rooms, at the Morningside and Larkin locations, are available for graduations, wedding receptions, family reunions, and other gatherings in addition to funeral luncheons.

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The desire to remember a loved one through mementoes and keepsakes goes back as far as human history. Whether it’s a locket of hair, a photograph, a letter or some other personal item, we’ve always felt compelled to remember those who have left us with something we can see and touch long after they are gone. In the continuing tradition of providing the finest funeral and cremation related services in the Siouxland area, Christy-Smith Funeral Homes is pleased to present the Family Resource Center.  

Choose the perfect cremation memorial for your loved one. From cremation urns to cremation jewelry to exquisite glass paperweights and pendants.  We can even capture your loved one’s thumbprint to keep a “touch” of them forever.

We have the largest in-stock display and selection of cremation urns in Siouxland.  Our selection of cremation urns varies in style, size, and price – available are ceramic, metal, wood, marble,  biodegradable, and even scattering urns.   Sizes range from full size urns to small keepsakes. We have a variety of price ranges including value and discounted sections. Special attention is given to our veterans with a beautiful section including a unique Flag urn.  Visit our Resource Center Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Keep the memory of your loved one with you forever with exquisite cremation jewelry-  Available in bracelets, rings and a variety of necklaces.

Precious Memories are keepsakes that allow you to remember the one who have passed in a truly unique and powerful way. Captured from an inked fingerprint, hand print, or foot print, each one is both unique and everlasting. This preservation in precious metal the lines and contours for countless generations to come. Choose from sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold in necklaces, rings, or even a key chain