Grief Support Groups

The staff at Christy-Smith Funeral Homes recognize that the commitment to serving our families does not end the day of the funeral. Realizing this, we wish to offer continued support during the painful grief process. 

 We care deeply about you and your family and have developed an aftercare follow-up program to assist you though the process of healing.

 Broken Silence Suicide Support Group: This is a 7-week structured support group that helps individuals move though the intense emotions of grief when a loved one has died by suicide. Some of the topics include: understanding grief and suicide, guilt depression, and dealing with anniversaries and holidays.

 Grief Relief Support Groups: A monthly support group for any adult who has experienced the death of a love one through an accident, terminal illness, and/or sudden death. The group provides both an educational component and an opportunity for sharing. They meet the second Wednesday of every month at the Christy-Smith McCulloch Chapel in Moville, IA from 3:30 to 5:00.

Picking Up the Pieces: Young Widow's Support Group: This is a 5-week support group for young women up to age "60-ish." this group combines educational components as well as a safe environment to share feelings openly with other young widows. Periodic meetings with social events will follow the 5-week structured format. 

 Community of Daughters: This 4-week grief group is for any woman who has experienced the death of her mother through illness, accident, sudden death or suicide. You will be provided with educational information about the grieving process as well as provide you with a safe environment where you can express your feelings openly without criticism or judgement.

 Steppingstones Towards Hope: This 5-week grief support group is specifically designed for bereaved parents. This program will be both an educational and a group experience where you will have the opportunity to learn about the grieving process as well as share freely with other bereaved parents in safe place to let go of the raw emotions of sadness, guilt, confusion, anger and loneliness.